Try it at the Show!

Girl Guide Parade & Campfire:
Friday March 13th.

6:30pm line up inside show.
7pm March & Songs

*all ages are welcome to join in for fun!
*free entrance on the Friday night to any guide in “uniform”
*come try knot tying and hat building at booth D114!





Test drive an electric vehicle at #AOSRV2020

Next Ride is an initiative that helps Nova Scotians discover electric vehicles (EVs).
Visit the Next Ride Booth A8 at the show to try a test drive with an EV or talk electric vehicle details!


Meet the Glooscap Hotdogs Performance Team

at a special pat and chat experience with the public.
Pat & Chat Times: Saturday March 14th 11am, 3pm and 6pm








The Nova Scotia Airsoft Association








The Nova Scotia Airsoft Association
brings together players from across the province for organized games and to share knowledge and expertise. Our online community has surpassed 1800 members and as we continue to grow, we are always thinking about ways to improve the overall player experience. Our goal is that all players have fun while maintaining a high level of safety.

Being a sport based on the honour system we stress that players act with integrity and respect for themselves, other players and the sport, both on and off the field. Games are usually held once a week during the summer months, providing plenty of opportunity to play. The season generally starts in April and ends in November with possible snow games held during the off season.

At this year’s Atlantic Outdoor Sports and RV Show, we hope to reach potential new players, educate them and the general public about our sport and how much fun it can be!TRY IT AT THE SHOW: We’ll have airsoft equipment on display, and we’ll be conducting a shooting range where participants can try shooting airsoft guns at a target for just $5!*

booths D68C & D on site with Andy’s Airsoft.

*a special thank you to Andy at Andy’s Airsoft! or contact



Mini-Escape Room


Try a Mini-Escape Room at #AOSRV2020
Insert bootlegger poster
See Think Tank Escape Rooms at Booth D68F at the show!